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Vinyl Bias Tape???

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to see if anyone has had any luck making or finding patent vinyl bias tape?  I'm using black patent vinyl and my bias binder foot does not work for a couple reasons: 1. The patent vinyl is too thick and does not want to fold over as it goes through the foot,  2. The fabric sticks to the foot because of the nature of vinyl against metal, that's just what it does.

So, does anybody know where to get a bias binding foot for "sticky" fabrics or where to get black vinyl bias tape? I've looked all over and can't seem to find either one. 

What I've done for all my previous projects is just fold the edges over and stitch it down that way to finish the edge. But with those, I wasn't using the patent vinyl and they were not double backed with another layer of heavier material.  With this project, I'm afraid that the corset will be way too thick, since it is backed with a heavy black denim and the patent vinyl is also very thick. Trying to fold over that many layers and only small amount it will also make it difficult to finish the edge.

Any help,advice, tips, or location of somewhere to locate vinyl bias or a vinyl bias tape foot would be greatly appreciated!