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What should I do?

I'm planning on doing a cosplay of Hit Girl and at first I thought latex would be the obvious answer to use as a fabric, but people kept telling me that Strech PVC would be better. I want to go and buy the perfect fabric for the cosplay that's why I'm asking for second opinions here and see if you can answer some of my questions, can stretch pvc be sew and if so how? What would be a better way of doing the cosplay? What do you guys recommend I do to bring the outfit to life?


Response by: shinyskintight, January 19th 2016 11:44:54 pm


Well, one thing that could really make the outfit pop would be making it from latex. But if you're not familiar with working with latex, it would be easier to go with a stretch pvc, especially if you already are decent at sewing. Strech pvc can be sewn. Stretch pvc will give the garment a nice tight fit and be very shiny too. The best way I've found to sew it is by using a normal polyester thread and use a stretch needle as well. The needle is key!! Also would be a good idea to get a non-stick presser foot. These are specifically made for sewing the shiny side of vinyl, pvc, or other materials that may stick to a metal foot. The fabric backing can be sewn with a regular foot. However, there's a way to make a metal presser foot accomplish the same effect as a non-stick one by using blue painters tape on the bottom side of the foot. This will help prevent the fabric from sticking to the foot as well.

Honestly, the best way to achieve a great costume is to have it be custom made to fit your body. It's ideal to have it to look like it was created just for you. Another thing that could make the outfit pop, in my opinion, is having all the accessories. Wig, belt, armor,  etc. A good way to make armor pieces is by using craft foam, paint, and, depending on where the armor will go,velcro straps to help hold them on. Other wise you may have to permanently fix them to the fabric. This is a cool way to do this as it is very light and still holds up. There are some good YouTube videos about how to make armor out of craft foam. 

I will add that gloves are pretty difficult to mak out of stretch pvc. There are plenty of places that sell pvc gloves that would work well for the costume. I would suggest getting some of those to save time and materials. 

Hope this helps you get started. I'd like to hear what others on here have to say. There's a lot of crafty people on here and are great sources of info.  

Good luck with your project and happy crafting!



Response by: JP, January 20th 2016 10:59:31 pm

Which look do you prefer?  Either material will work for her costume, so it's really a question of what you prefer.

If you wanted to be comic-accurate, I think her outfit is supposed to be mostly leather, which has more surface texture than either latex or PVC.  

Personally, I like the action-figure appearance of latex superheroes, the almost-seamless look, perfectly conforming, looks like a molded plastic action figure to me, and that captures my imagination more than trying to look like a movie.  

PVC would be shinier, but not conform as well, and has more-visible seams than latex.  Still looks great, but to my mind at least it has a bit less of a fantasy aspect to it since it looks like sewn clothing, not a plastic toy.