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Lingerie student needs help! Latex corsetry?

Hello all! So I am a student specializing in intimate apparel and for my senior thesis I'm going to attempt to construct a garment in latex. Never have worn it before... never have made anything in it before! Crazy, I know. However, it's a world I'm increasingly interested in, and am dying to try it out. Anyway... latex corset... probably not the best choice for a beginner, but I do have experience and knowledge with corseting in general. (I have made several steel boned/underwire/with busk/etc.) I have confidence that I can manage the basic seam part, but I'm looking for ANY information at all about boning with latex, applying a busk to latex, and lacing/grommets. Any and all tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you! 


Response by: JP, March 1st 2016 12:29:42 am

Haven't made a corset, but I've done some latex work, and my wife has a commercial latex corset that has held up quite well.

You really want all concentrated stress to be born by continuous latex sheet, not by glued seams, as much as possible.  Boning goes in tunnels between two layers of latex, steel busks get wrapped, with holes punched for the hooks, so that the outer edge of the busk is supported by continuous sheet, the glued joints are all inboard of the busk.

Eyelets/grommets won't hold well in unsupported latex sheet, the rubber will stretch and the eyelet/grommet will pull loose.  Put a ply of something inelastic in between two layers of latex, something like heavy cloth, webbing, etc.

Any brass will cause light colors of latex to stain.  Use stainless wherever possible.  (Outdoor fabric places and sailmakers supply shops will have high quality stainless eyelets in many sizes.)