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metals that are safe to use with latex?

Okay I know latex should go no where near metals but I'm hoping to use latex for a costume and it involves some metal chains. Are there metals that are latex-safe? I've seen chains made in aluminum or iron. So I'm wondering if those are possibly latex-safe. If they are not, can you suggest some latex-safe metals if any?

Thanks in advance!


Response by: Michael, November 9th 2012 8:01:30 pm

Stainless steal is safe to use with latex.  

Copper and nickel will definitely stain your latex.

If you don't know what you have and are worried about staining you can always coat the metal pieces with clear nail polish.

Response by: dalh2755, July 6th 2014 5:10:08 pm

The nail polish idea is a great one! I will use that idea too! ahah! thanks!

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 2:18:28 pm

Thanks, I Didn't Know That!

Response by: JP, August 15th 2021 3:23:11 pm

How big of a chain does the costume need? 

Many decorative chains used for lighting fixtures are sold already coated with lacquer so that you wouldn't need to coat them with nail polish except where you'd cut a piece and exposed fresh metal.