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Latex and Eyelets?

I understand the idea behind adhering zippers, but what if you prefer eyelets/lacing? Any advice on attaching eyelets to latex?.. Thanks!


Response by: guest, March 23rd 2006 12:01:10 am

glue cotton tape into the seam before you put in eyelets to prevent stretching and loosing the eyelets. avoid copper, brass or bronze. They will stain the latex.

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 10:43:53 am

I also suggest satin or cotton lint glued to the under side of the latex. You can then glue a 0.2mm piece over the satin lint and then punch the holes and insert the eyelets.

We should as MJ if they can source us eyelets that has a backing washer. I can only find them in big sizes but perhaps they can find them in smaller sizes and sell them on their web site.