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Our Story:

In 2001, founder Michael Harris closed shop on his clothing business, Mekka7. While liquidating sewing machines, sergers, thread, and fabric, he found that there was demand for vinyl fabrics and MJTrends was born.

I was young and worked incredibly hard despite not really knowing what I was getting myself into. When I decided to open MJTrends, I knew that I could help people with the same struggles I had encountered in getting my clothing company off the ground. I wanted to make it easier for people like me who were trying to make their own stuff or start a small fashion business.

Over the last 15 years MJTrends has strived to help others create - by offering advice, products, technology, and tools to assist with fashion, crafting, and other projects.

How we help:

Whether helping a DIY'er with a weekend project, or assisting a fashion startup get off the ground - MJTrends is not just a fabric and sewing supply store, we are also a technology company. Our goal is to provide all the necessary tools to help people create. These tools include:

  • Step by step written instructions and video tutorials
  • Custom patterns tailored to user's measurements
  • All the products and tools necessary to complete a project from 1 place
  • Custom cutting (coming soon)
  • Digital tools for pattern drafting - available at: www.ModaMake.com
  • Bulk pricing for small businesses (coming soon)


My guilty pleasure is perusing Pinterest and pinning amazing items that I'd love to make -- Michael.

We've built that inspiration into MJTrends and we try to be a destination that not only provides the resources necessary for making, but also the inspiration.