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Lace designs cut from latex sheeting in thicknesses ranging from .20mm to .50mm. The accuracy of the latex lace is up to 0.25 of a millimeter. We offer a wide variety of designs ranging from delicate and feminne to floral, geometric, tribal, and more. Latex cut lace also comes in a variety of sizes between .5 inches up to several inches in height.

latex lace ovals half inch List Price $10.99
wedding band three quarter inch List Price $11.99
one inch octagonal lace List Price $11.99
geo triangle one inch latex lace List Price $11.99
reverse hearts one inch List Price $11.99
latex rubber lace one inch butterfly List Price $11.99
latex lace tribal one inch and a quarter List Price $11.99
Strips of latex lace laser cut for fetish clothing. List Price $11.99
laser cut latex rubber lace List Price $11.99
daisy two inch List Price $12.49
two and half inch lace List Price $12.99
latex sheeting lace sundial 2 and half inch List Price $12.99