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I'm making a costume for a friend out of PVC for a convention later this year. I didn't think that pinning it would be a good idea, so I decided to come here to ask. What would be the best option for keeping peices attatched? Also, what gauge of needles would I need? Should I use an exacto knife to cut it or will regular fabric scissors do? I won't be starting for a little while, so knowing now would be great.


Response by: guest, October 26th 2005 4:43:01 pm

Hey there Jake........Ive been sewing PVC for a few years and I rekon... :-) if you have 1cm seams try pining it inside that seam so that any pinholes will not turn out on the right side once you have stitched it up. I use slimmer needles for PVC 70-75-80max. I use an industrial and have a teflon foot though to be honest - its not helping me. I tell you what does though! using paper! I use old pattern paper form shop bought patterns to insert on top of the pvc and the foot runs along smoothly on top. Because it is such thin paper it tears away nicely. Good for top stitching! ;->