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Colors of 4-way stretch PVC?

I emailed a few months ago about other colors of the (AWESOME!!) 4-way stretch PVC you guys have, I was told more colors would be added at the beggining of this month. I emailed about when I should be expecting them and for some reason haven\'t heard back.

Are those still coming? I really like the quality you guys produce and am really excited for more colors!



Response by: Michael, August 27th 2010 6:55:04 am

Purple is one of the initial colors that we plan on adding.  We also anticipate adding more of the metallic colors to our four way stretch vinyl fabric, but not until the beginning of next year.


Response by: scarletonthetile, May 3rd 2014 9:26:24 pm

Definitely need more 4 way stretch PVC colors! I love using the stuff for everything