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Pleating vinyl?

I saw this costume by Onnies on facebook and I was wondering if it is possible the pleat 4-way stretch vinyl? or would 2-way stretch be better? I love her material choice (not exactly sure what it is, looks kind of like vinyl to me) and wanted to use a matte white vinyl for when I make this uniform. Anyone have any pointers or ideas? 


Response by: Andre , January 16th 2014 9:53:45 am

I am sure it would work fine. Just remember to use zip zag stitches otherwise the stritching might break when the material stretched over your body when you sit down. The material will will stretch beyond the limits of the thread. Also stretch the material a bit as you stitch it. This will also help against the stitching breaking when your outfit is stretched a bit. Try selotape or something similar to hold your pleats in place before you stitch it or use pins in the inside of the seam. Post some pictures when your done.

Response by: Just Jill, February 17th 2014 8:58:40 pm

I've pleated vinyl before, but it wasn't stretch.  One tip is to stitch a narrow stitch down the inside of the pleats.  This won't show but helps  keep pleats nice.  I've also placed books on them to help press in the folds.  After a week the pleats stay nice.