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What is the difference between patent, PVC and vinyl?

Greetings! I know this subject has kind of been covered in the forum before, but I need more clarification. What is the difference between patent, PVC and vinyl? Further, is patent the same thing as patent leather? I am under the impression that these are all very different fabrics but sometimes, in reading clothing ads, etc., it appears that these terms are being used synonymously. Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Jedadiah P.S. Sorry this post all runs together, but I can't seem to make it seperate into paragraphs.


Response by: guest, November 22nd 2004 12:36:44 pm

It's my understanding that patent leather and patent vinyl are the same. PVC is actually a subgroup of vinyl. Vinyl is any fabric with a plastic/rubber coating. Patent vinyl is a type of vinyl fabric, pvc is a type of vinyl, and faux leather is a type of vinyl.

PVC is poly-vinyl-chloride, a rubber/plastic like coating that is sprayed onto either a lycra or polyester backing. PVC usually has some degree of stretch, and typically comes in either 2 way stretch or 4 way stretch.

Patent vinyl is similar in regard to pvc, but it is usually thicker, more durable, and has little to no stretch.

Most people are unaware of the differences, and that's why you see the terms used interchangeably. Hope this clears up some confusion for you.

Response by: guest, November 22nd 2004 12:44:25 pm

If you want to get technical, websters defines them as the following:

Patent Leather: Black leather finished to a hard glossy surface and used especially for shoes and clothing accessories.

Vinyl: 1: a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene [syn: vinyl group, vinyl radical] 2: shiny and tough and flexible plastic; used especially for floor coverings.

PVC: A common thermoplastic resin, used in a wide variety of manufactured products, including rainwear, garden hoses, phonograph records, and floor tiles.