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Bleaching metal stains on light latex?

Not actually MJT latex, but... a white latex shirt has some eyelets that turn out not to be stainless steel, and they've left the usual brownish metal stains where they lay against the latex.

I've seen discussion that these stains are permanent and nothing can remove them, but I've heard the same about various stains on cloth that actually can be removed with the right bleach.  (lemon juice, oxalic acid, hydrofluoric acid, permanganate, etc.) 

So I figured I'd ask, does anyone know a bleach that will remove metal stains on light latex, without attacking the latex itself?


Response by: JP, January 1st 2015 11:37:38 pm

Since I couldn't find good answers, I made some brass stains on scrap white sheet and tried various cleaners that work for metal stains on other materials.

Oxalic acid - no improvement

Phosphoric acid - no improvement

Muriatic acid - slight improvement

Hydrofluoric acid - no improvement

Didn't have any permanganate bleach handy to test.

Fortunately, the stain doesn't go very deep, so I carefully buffed it out with 1600-grit sandpaper, leaving the surface a bit dull but not visibly scratched.

Response by: shinyskintight, April 5th 2015 11:28:39 pm

Nice experiment! Thanks JP! Will definitely keep this in mind if I run across this issue with any of my garments ;)