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Airbrushing on latex?

Has anyone done airbrushing on relatively tight latex?  Glued-on latex trim works fine for sharp lines, but I'm thinking of something like this, with shaded shadow lines.  (This example is airbrushed on spandex, that's easy enough with fabric dye.)

What would work well to paint (or stain?) latex sheet, something that wouldn't crack and peel when the suit stretches?

Anyone done this?  What did you use, how did it work?


Response by: JP, March 31st 2015 10:39:24 pm

Several hours of googling haven't found a solution so far.

Most people working with paint on latex appear to be working on prosthetics where the final surface doesn't stretch much, so things like acrylic latex paint work well.  But I've tried that on sheet that stretches, and the paint crackles and peels.

Drawing with markers appears to work, but seems like it might be kind of tedious for large work...

Ideas, anyone?

Response by: JP, March 31st 2015 11:24:08 pm

Gave up for the night and did some housecleaning.  Came across the remains of a birthday party balloon... a printed balloon... and the ink was just as good as new.

So, googling balloon ink painted latex, I found this:


So it looks like there is a durable solution to airbrush painting on latex!

Response by: JP, March 31st 2015 11:31:08 pm

Wow!  Now that I found that one, a later post from the same guy...


Response by: shinyskintight, April 5th 2015 11:10:15 pm

Thanks for sharing JP!

You always have a lot of interesting project/project ideas I really enjoy hearing about. This is a really neat one. Shoot, I'm still working on getting my latex construction techniques down and your already way ahead jumping into new avenues of creativity. Looked at the link you posted on this thread. Wow, that guy has some skills!! Very cool stuff! I like how he was able to "blow up" the suit to get a nice coverage on it. Looks like Liquid latex, pigment, air bush tools and some time will be the solution for your idea!

Thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to seeing how your project turns out. Good luck, JP :)



Response by: JP, April 6th 2015 10:38:41 pm

My construction technique could still use more practice, but I'm not letting that slow me down... if nothing else, it gives me a supply of work I won't mind ruining if the next experiment fails :-)