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Good pattern for latex superhero cape?

I have the best wife on Earth, she surprised me this weekend with tickets to the Las Vegas Fetish & Fantasy Ball on Halloween.  

She's trying to decide between Batgirl and Catwoman, I'll be Robin, styled based on the 1997 movie version with the red accents.  (But not all the molded latex muscles, just a black catsuit with red accents. Well, maybe the exaggerated codpiece :-)

Anyone have a good cape pattern they've used with latex?

Black outside, red inside, MJT has just the right material for that!  I'm figuring 0.3mm for the majority of the cape, so it drapes well, heavier 0.8mm for the load-bearing top and neck closure.

Any other cape suggestions, ideas, etc?


Response by: Chloe, July 14th 2015 8:19:09 am

You can find a good tutorial on how to make a super hero cape here:


The design is fairly straight forward.  You could probably just eye-ball it and make your own pattern.  Good luck!

Response by: JP, July 16th 2015 7:25:38 pm

Thanks.  But I'd like a much fuller cape -- if you look at the movie versions, Batman and Robin wear capes large enough to close in the front if they wanted to.  But they wear them back off the shoulder, which gives lots of extra fabric that drapes well.

Here's an example from an auction for one of the actual costumes from the movie -- the capes really were latex, but molded instead of made from sheet.  (Molding made them heavy enough they can't simply tie around the neck -- if you look, it's got eyebolts holding it to the cast rubber of the suit.)

Response by: JP, July 19th 2015 6:48:41 pm

Found several tutorials for Batman's floor-length cape, mostly designed around pleather in significantly wider panels than MJT's latex.  But they gave me enough details to come up with my own pattern.

Materials on order, I'll post a photo when it's done.

Response by: shinyskintight, July 30th 2015 6:08:02 pm

Hey JP!

First I want to say, Las Vegas Halloween Fetish... Awesome!! Lucky guy :) Second, Your pattern looks great. Looking forward to seeing how your final project turns out.

Any thoughts for the front closure of the cape? I've tried using a couple garter clips with a piece of latex looped through them for this myself. It worked ok but I had to bunch up quite a bit of the cape to get them to hold and wasn't as smooth across the front as I would have liked. When you post your final project could you please show how you are going to attach it? Thanks :)



Response by: JP, July 31st 2015 12:22:56 am

Definitely looking forward to the party!

For the closure, I made small pockets on the underside of the collar, just large enough to hold strong 1-inch diameter rare earth magnets.  They can stick together to just close the collar around my neck, or I can stick another pair of magnets under the rubber superhero chest armor I picked up on eBay and they'll hold the cape in perfect off-the-shoulder superhero style.

The double-sided red/black MJT latex was perfect for the cape, I'll post photos after I've cleaned up the seams and chlorinated.

Response by: shinyskintight, July 31st 2015 2:27:21 pm

Magnets! That's brilliant!! Those rare earth magnets are really strong too so that will be perfect. Great idea!

I attached a picture of the outfit I did for a quick photo shoot. I used the 0.3 metallic red latex from MJT for the cape and it did have a really nice flow. I didn't use a pattern, just took the sheeting I had, folded it up, and made those garter clips that I mentioned earlier to hold it on. But again this was a quick last-minute idea just for fun. Thought you might get a laugh out of it :) 

Really looking forward to seeing your finished project!



Response by: JP, August 12th 2015 11:18:02 pm

Lousy photos, but here's the finished cape.  The rest of the costume is still under construction, need to do a utility belt, codpiece, chest decoration, etc.

Response by: JP, August 12th 2015 11:20:37 pm

Response by: JP, August 12th 2015 11:22:20 pm

Response by: JP, August 12th 2015 11:24:22 pm

Response by: JP, August 25th 2015 12:52:17 am

My wife points out that all current Batman/Robin movie costumes also feature an unnaturally large codpiece.  So, in the interest of staying true to the movies...

The utility belt is a composite construction -- the bat logo and the V-shaped front are built of 3mm craft foam.  Bat logo is Plasti-Dip red, oval background is Plasti-Dip black, both overcoated with Plasti-Dip Glossifier.  Then the belt itself is 0.8mm latex sheet glued to the V-shaped foam, with snaps in the back for the belt and crotch strap. 

The codpiece pouch is stuffed with soft mattress foam, carved into a bulge and glued into the pouch with spray adhesive.

The craft foam is glued with Barge contact cement, works a lot like solvent-based latex adhesive but smellier and sticks to more things.

Still need to figure out boots and the chest logo.

Response by: shinyskintight, August 29th 2015 8:28:08 pm

Dang, JP!!! This looks AWESOME man! I like the belt too, nice touch ;) I am starting to experiment with the craft foam. I saw the post on here about using it for armor and wanted to check it out. I like how you used Plasti-dip for it. Cool idea. I might have to try that out as well.

I always enjoying seeing and hearing about your projects. Good luck finishing this one out, it has really came out great so far!

Just an idea, but for the boots, maybe you could get a pair of knee-high, go-go style boots. They have a short chunky heel, not a stiletto, so they're much easier to walk in, for me at least :) Then you could use them as a base & starting point and modify them with the craft foam to get the look you want. Just an idea :)



Response by: JP, August 30th 2015 12:29:13 am

These were $25/pair on eBay, figure they fit the black and red theme well.  I'll be adding a red bat logo on the top front, made from craft foam like the belt buckle.

Response by: shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 12:38:38 pm

Nice boots! Those will go perfect with the outfit! Great buy too. Looking forward to seeing the total finished outfit. You've done a really great job on this, JP!

Response by: JP, November 4th 2015 11:52:24 pm

Realized I never posted a finished photo...

Response by: mythicalgriffons@hotmail.com, November 13th 2015 8:42:25 am

Your cape looks great and i'm glad yo had fun and your outfit looks good overall.

Response by: shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 1:27:30 pm

Wow! This is incredible!! Thanks for posting a final pic of the full outfit. You really did a amazing job, JP!! Bravo!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next time :)



Response by: H-Sama, December 8th 2015 7:42:38 pm

Hi, I am planning on making a cape as well. 
How many yards did you use and what is the thickness?

Response by: JP, December 9th 2015 12:36:44 am

4 yards of 0.3 mm for the body, and about half a yard of 0.6 mm for the shoulders and collar.

If you blow up the image of my pattern, the bottom of the page is a layout to show the most efficient cutting of the body, takes 11 feet of sheet.

Response by: H-Sama, December 17th 2015 12:40:56 am

you used 4 yards just for the cape???

Response by: JP, January 14th 2016 1:36:24 pm

Sorry for the slow reply, but yes, a full cape takes a lot more material than just a flap down your back --