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Dry-finish polish for chlorinated latex?

I suspect it doesn't exist, but thought I'd ask.

Chlorination gives a slick surface that's as well-polished as the factory finish, which is fine for solid colors but doesn't get the depth of pearlesence of metallic sheet -- to really show off metallic, it still needs a shiny surface polish.

But when you put polish on chlorinated sheet, it doesn't slide against it self as well as dry chlorinated sheet.

Does anyone know a polish that gives a deep sheen but keeps the dry feel of chlorination?


Response by: Chloe, November 13th 2015 12:11:42 pm

All latex shine that I've ever encountered has been liquid.  You could try to minimize the amount of shine that gets on the surface of the latex by using a spray shine.

Spray shine would have the advantage of putting less of the shine onto the surface since it's a finer 'mist' that comes out, versus the thicker viscosity of the shine that you apply by hand.  Hope that helps!

Response by: DCRubberGuy, December 23rd 2015 2:44:32 am

In my experience any kind of shining product you use on latex is going add a sticky/tacky feeling.

Vivishine or an aerosol spray shine, like Camie 999 Dry Silicone, that you let 'dry' for a few days after application may help a bit, but not 100%.

Cheers // DCRG