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How to upload a profile picture and edit profile?

Hello, I'm having issues editing my profile. It won't let me upload a profile picture nor fill out the 'About Me' section on my profile. When I fill out the 'About Me' box and press submit, it says it saved the changes but the box goes blank. And when I click on 'Upload an image', nothing happens... Basically it won't let me edit my profile in any way. Any advice?


Response by: Addison, May 18th 2016 10:03:17 pm

Hey Sarah - looks like your 'about me' was updated.  We'll check on the profile photo and if it's not working we'll have it fixed asap.  Sorry for the issues :(  Love the stuff you made!

Response by: saraxhe saraxhe , May 19th 2016 12:26:02 am

Thanks for trying to fix it. Everything still shows as blank on my end. I've tried adding a website and 'about me' but every time i press save changes it just goes back to blank. And at the top of the page it still says 'add your about statement for 5 points, add your website for 10 points, add your picture etc.' so I don't think it registered that I've put something and isn't giving me any points. As for the profile picture, when I press 'Upload image' for the profile picture, it refreshes the page then displays 'your changes have been successfully saved' at the top even though I didn't upload anything. The 'Upload image' button is basically acting as a second 'save changes' button.

Response by: Addison, May 19th 2016 8:21:59 pm

It should be fixed now - can you try it again and let us know if you have any issues?