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Painting Vinyl?

Hello forum!
To all of you who have experience with vinyl fabric (especially 4 way stretch vinyl), could you tell me if I can paint on vinyl and if so, which paint should I use and which tecnique?

I want to use silver vinyl for the sleeves of a costume but they need to have a slightly darker V-shaped stripe on it and since I could not find a darker shade of silver somewhere and black would be waaaaaay too dark, the only way I can think of is painting it on. But is that even possible?

Here is a reference picture for you:


Response by: Addison, June 16th 2016 9:52:48 am

You have a few options when it comes to painting vinyl with the design you referenced:

1). You could use a spray paint from a hardware store formulated for painting plastics. The issue you'll encounter is that if the fabric stretches the paint will crack.  You'll also need to air out the material for quite a long time to get rid of the paint smell.

2). You could screen print the design onto the material.  There are specialized inks for screen printing that have elasticity and would stretch with the material.  The problem is that this option would be costly and take the most time and effort.

3). You could try to use a permanent sharpie in grey ink and trace the lines.  The ink is probably thin enough that it would probably hold up even if the material stretches some.  

Good luck with your project - be sure to post images here if you find a good solution!

Response by: Fate77, June 28th 2016 4:55:44 am

@Addison  Good advice.  I think painting vinyl is very difficult.