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Halloween is coming.. what are you making?

Had fun with Robin last year, this year I've decided to do Nightwing.

The comic book inspiration:

Unlike most movie-style Batman/Robin versions lately, comic Nightwing isn't massively armored or hugely-built, just a thin suit over an impossibly perfect body.  Not even a utility belt.  (Actually, a bit of a mystery... no utility belt or holsters, but he's got those escrima stick weapons -- where does he carry them?)

Anyway, that's not nearly my body, so I'm using foam-latex muscles from a cosplay builder:

Most cosplay superhero outfits glue or strap muscles like these on top of an undersuit made of lycra or neoprene.  But to get the seamless look of Nightwing, I'm laminating a latex suit on top of the muscles:

Kind of slow-going to stretch it all into place, avoid air bubbles, get everything properly lined-up, etc., but I think it's going to work out well:

More photos when it's done.

What are other people planning for Halloween?


Response by: JP, September 21st 2016 9:34:06 am

Oh, and what's a superhero without boots?

Not latex, but I wanted them to match -- thrift store motorcycle boots, cleaned up a little, and painted with Plasti-Dip black with a shot of Metalizer before a glossy top-coat, so from the outside they're glossy black metallic rubber, but on the inside they're comfortable, durable boots.

Response by: Chloe, September 21st 2016 1:31:32 pm

Great idea with the boots.  Did they not look good enough with just the plasti-dip coating?  I would think that would give you a high gloss sheen.

Where did you get the chest foam?  That looks awesome!  

I'm going to keep things simple and try to create something that I can also re-use later.  I like Mariah Carey's from last year: 

But I would make it as separates so I could recycle the skirt and top into wearing out with other items.

Response by: JP, September 21st 2016 9:37:26 pm

The boots had some deep scratches that I buffed out, and a couple of seams that I re-stitched for sharp lines.  Might have gotten away with just plasti-dipping over the wear, but I'm a perfectionist sometimes.

The muscles were on eBay, there are quite a few vendors who make them for cosplay.  Most builders cast them in urethane, which is harder to glue, but some use latex.  I'm not sure who actually made this set, it was second-hand from someone who had it around from a project that never materialized.  One popular maker in latex is


Response by: Chloe, September 22nd 2016 9:31:17 am

Thanks for providing the Etsy link - those molds are amazing - a little pricey though...

Response by: JP, September 22nd 2016 3:59:47 pm

Yes, good cosplay armor is really expensive -- not unusual for people to spend over $2,000 for a full, movie-quality Batman suit (muscles mounted to an undersuit, with the accessories, all painted to match).

That's how I ended up with second-hand eBay muscles!

Response by: JP, November 10th 2016 6:46:11 pm

Realized I never showed how my Nightwing turned out...

Response by: Michael, November 11th 2016 10:37:34 am

Wow - that's an amazing outfit!  Did you make the leggings from metallic-black or the black latex?

Response by: JP, November 11th 2016 1:06:29 pm

Metallic black.  That's why the boots don't quite match, they're in a solid black finish.  Need to add some metallic next time I re-spray them.

Response by: JP, November 11th 2016 1:08:48 pm

Also, the suit was a success in another way -- the really-detailed armored batsuits you see for cosplay are often uncomfortable and fragile, this suit was comfortable for five hours of dancing and looked as good at the end as it did at the beginning.