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Laser cutting / engraving, anyone?

Newly-opened Maker Space near my home has an industrial-quality laser cutter, Epilog Helix.  That opens up all sorts of possibilities for tiny details I'd never be able to cut by hand!

Anyone here dabbled with laser cutting or engraving latex sheet?

Tips?  Resources?  References?  Ideas?

Will be happy to share what I learn.  Taking their intro to laser cutting workshop this weekend.


Response by: crow-killer, November 10th 2016 12:45:53 am

I've seen a hood with "micro breathe" holes so that a traditional hole doesn't have to be cut out. The holes are cut out via laser.

I'd like it if the micro holes didn't make it so that I could kind of make out the face beneath though.

Response by: Alphax, February 18th 2017 11:57:59 am

That hood is from Kink Engineering in Canada.  You could try asking them what their laser cutting and engraving settings are.