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Vinyl adhesive?

So I want to make a Super Kinzie cosplay from Saints Row 4, (link to pic: http://assets1.ignimgs.com/vid/thumbnails/user/2013/08/19/SR4_Kinzie_L.jpg) and while I can sew on the pink stripes, the pink fleur-de-lis on the sides of her outfit (sorry I couldn't find a better pic, but if you look closely on the left side of her outfit you'll see them) will need to be glued or appliqued on, and I'm not too good at applique.

Will the adhesive this site sells work for applique?


Response by: Chloe, January 16th 2017 12:00:50 pm

The vinyl adhesive will only glue the shiny side to shiny side of the material, so it probably won't work for what you want to do.

Another option would be to draw the design onto your fabric with a pen or chalk and then do a tight zig-zag stitch over it - essentially creating an embroidered design.

You could also cut out your applique, lay it directly on top of your base fabric, and then stitch very closely to the edges.  It would take a long time, but when done right it looks really nice.  Vinyl fabric won't fray, so it is an option.

Last thing you could try is a fabric adhesive.  You'd have to experiment to see how well it would hold.  MJTrends has some here:


Response by: coocj, February 24th 2017 2:30:12 am

@Chloe, That's good idea to use vinyl.

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