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Suggestions of glue/adhesive for fixing latex suit?

I recently bought a whole body latex suit, but I accidentally sliced open the left sock, left a relatively big opening, luckily, the shop I bought it from sent a small patch of extra latex along with the suit for fixing purposes I assume, so the only remaining tool I need is the glue.

The sock is 0.3mm black latex, and the patch is also 0.3mm, which glue do you recommend for gluing the patch and the sock together?

The solvent based adhesive or the ammonia based?

I'll link the picture of the tear


Response by: JP, January 19th 2017 4:19:45 pm

Either of the adhesives sold here at MJTrends should work.  The solvent-based one is a bit faster, it's what I'd usually use for that sort of repair.  But it does make the sheet curl a bit more while the glue is wet, a little more fussy to deal with on complex shapes.

Note that it's *really* important to clean the surfaces very well before gluing, you don't want any oils, lubricants, sweat... nothing but fresh, clean latex.

If you haven't worked with latex before, I'd suggest getting a piece from the clearance section and practicing first.  Much better to wreck practice seams on a $10 sheet than a $200 suit.

Response by: JP, January 19th 2017 4:23:31 pm

Also, what's the finish on the suit?  If it has been chlorinated, you'll want to carefully sand off the chlorinated surface to expose fresh latex. (Just like patching a bicycle tube -- sand it first if you want it to stick.) 

Chlorination hardens the surface and ties off the free ends of the rubber molecules, so neither type cement will stick to the surface.