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can someone make me an item?

I really want this outfit for my wife.Can anyone make it for me?Thanks,Neale.


Response by: Chloe, September 4th 2019 3:22:13 pm

Hey HamerXT,

You can find that dress for sale here:


The price is a bit steep at $485, however, it is a complicated item to make and you would probably end up spending that much or more using a tailor who specializes in latex or vinyl garments.

I doubt that any hobbyist makers would want to take on that challenge, however, I can recommend some professionals who are more than capable of producing a custom dress for you - however, I have no idea what they would charge:

Laura Petrelli with Vex: https://vexclothing.com/pages/contact-us

The Baroness: https://store.baroness.com/contact-us/

Antrice with Allure Bound: https://www.allurebound.com/pages/contact-me

Artifice Clothing: https://www.artificeclothing.com/em/shop/scripts/contactUs.asp