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How to fit a normal pattern to use for latex?

Hi! I have seen this jacket pattern, and I just wanna know: How do I fit a normal pattern to use for latex? On the jacket, there is these buttons on it. How do I put the buttons on the latex and make stable holes for them? Thank you so much for your help Nelly


Response by: guest, October 12th 2007 9:52:50 am

1. In regards to fit - if you want a skintight garmet, adjust the fit so that the finished measurements will be 1-2 inches smaller than your actual measurements. Latex stretches and should be treated as a stretch fabric when preparing patterns.

2. In regards to the second half of your question, there are a variety of ways to apply buttons to latex. You cannot directly sew or glue a button to latex that will operate under any kind of stress. It could cause a tear. Fashion buttons you may be able to do that with.

So, the best way to adhere a functioning button, is to use a fabric in between two layers of latex. That fabric will bear the load of the stress. A small circular hole should be cut in the latex to allow access to the fabric inbetween. The button can then be sewn to the fabric.