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Where do I find valve stems for inflatables?

Here is what I want to do:  All I want is to glue a valve stem (just like the valve stem on an inner tube)into a latex inflatable, for example, an inflatable pillow made of latex.  Where on earth can I find a valve stem that will work?  I used to take pride in my googling ability, but I just can not find what I need on the internet.

If you look at a close-up picture of a bicycle inner tube, you can see that there is a circular base to the valve stem that is glued to the inner tube rubber.  All I want is the valve stem with the circular base.  I guess I could go to the local bike shop and see if they are throwing away any old tubes (because chances are the valve stem would still be okay), or at worst buy an inner tube, and then cut out the stem.  But it is obvious that someone sells these things by themselves and I just can not find them!!

Please help me! 


Response by: bob, November 13th 2008 10:27:17 am

Someone else asked this question. The link in the reply is dead, but here is the new one...


If it still doesn\\\'t work, go to the main site, then click on Valve Stems, then Tube-type Replacement Valves.

hope that helps..

Response by: latexlover68mn, December 26th 2008 3:38:00 pm

check this site out they have a couple of options that might help you  http://www.gemplers.com/valve-stems

Response by: Kyle, July 22nd 2009 1:15:02 pm

Thank you very much for the information!

Response by: Forrest, March 17th 2014 4:17:33 pm

I would try ebay or automotive supply warehouse's, I have cut them out of old bicycle inner tubes before, they work just fine.