DIY Leather Headboard

BY admin on August 18, 2015

It’s no secret, the fashion world has been abuzz with the seventies style trend for fall, why not get a jump start on things by creating your own DIY leather headband? Boho chic and totally on trend, all it takes is a little focus to see the fruits of your labor. The DIY magicians over at Threadbanger created an easy to follow YouTube tutorial, giving you plenty of time to pause and drool over their amazing work.

You’ll need a couple of materials to get started, including a tape measure, tape, a ruler, exacto knife, a chalk marker, a lighter and a pair of scissors. As far as fabric goes, opt for faux leather, some pieces of suede or faux cowhide, and a few strips of leather to use as cord.

First, measure out a strip of leather that’s 1×8 inches in diameter. Remember, give yourself seam allowance and mark 1 inch from each end using the chalk marker. Now, to create your design, measure out where you’d like to place your geometric shape. In this case, the Threadbanger team used triangles and measured them about ¾ of an inch apart, marking with the chalk marker.

Next, they taped the leather down and used an exacto knife to cut out triangles. Being super careful of your surroundings, use the lighter after you’re finished. Now, you’ll get started on the space for the cord. Use the exacto knife and cut about 1/4th of an inch on either end of the leather band. Wrap one of the leather cords into a small loop and thread through, creating a secure end.

Repeat on the other side, and voilà, you’ve officially finished the hippie headpiece of your dreams. Oh, and for your last step, make sure you wear your handmade creation with pride while you rock out at the nearest music fest. Congratulations! Remember, when it comes to fabric and supplies, we’ve got things covered, so check out the plethora of options available here at MJTrends.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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