Faux Leather Wonder Woman and Amazons Halloween Costumes

BY admin on October 25, 2017

Actress Gal Gadot made a bold impact on the superhero genre with her solo movie debut, Wonder Woman. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the movie shared a strong message of empowerment for women of all ages. Feeling super inspired? Gather your squad this Halloween for a group costume that’s bound to turn heads. Featuring a bold DIY tutorial from Brit + Co, we’ll learn how to create a series of Amazon and Wonder Woman costumes inspired by the comics and film.

For starters, you’ll want to get moving on creating a unique Wonder Woman costume for yourself. For this tutorial, the team decided to use a corset as the base, and revamp the look with additional pieces of faux leather in red, gold, and blue. Strong and courageous, Wonder Woman is the ideal heroine for everyone to look up to. Let your inner goddess shine with this ultra sleek Wonder Woman costume this Halloween.

For accessories, you’ll need to grab a pair of chunky knee-high or over-the-knee boots. Add a little detailing with a piece of faux leather along the exterior for a bold finish. If you have any left over fabric, make three seams and you’ll instantly have a pair of powerful arm bracers to complete your look. Opt for a sultry smokey eye, and don’t forget to grab your sword, shield, and Lasso of Truth, and you’ll be all set for a fabulous night out.

With immensely powerful fighting skills, the Amazons of Themyscira proved that they’re definitely not to be messed with. Gather your girls and get to work on these super awesome DIY Amazon Costumes! After Gal Gadot, the Amazons were seriously our most favorite characters from the movie. For a color palette, you’ll want to opt for neutral tones, like brown and beige, instead of the red and blue from Wonder Woman’s costume.

In this tutorial, the team decided to slightly alter a corset, and create a layered look using faux leather fabric. Wear with a pair of over the knee lace-up gladiator sandals for a look that’s edgy and chic. If you have any remaining leather fabric, be sure to create a few bracers or bangles for some serious arm candy. Add extra flair to your look by including some faux leather fabric options in metallic shades, like burnished copper or gold.

You can also add embellishments to your skirt with simple designs like triangles and bordered prints. Accessorize with a seriously bold sword or shield, and you’ll be ready to slay all day! Be sure to take lots of selfies, because we’re sure that Wonder Woman herself would approve of these head-turning looks. Happy Halloween!

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