Halloween costume ideas for 2019

BY admin on October 13, 2019

Halloween is right around the corner and if you are struggling to come up with an idea for your costume then let us help. First thing to know is that if you want the best fit for your costume, then checkout our custom-fit sewing patterns. The patterns are custom printed to your measurements and the selected fabric.

Custom fit sewing patterns made to your measurements and selected fabrics

For example, if you select .20mm latex sheeting for your project, the pattern will be printed with more negative ease because .20mm latex is the stretchiest material that we offer. However, if you selected patent vinyl then the pattern would be printed with no negative ease, as patent vinyl has almost no stretch.

Ok, enough with the pattern talk, and on to what really matters – inspiration for your Halloween costume. Given that you only have about 2 weeks from today to the big day, we will focus on costume ideas that are low to medium in complexity.

We have covered some of these outfits in the past, but we keep coming back to them because they are favorites for a number of reasons: ease of making, aesthetic appeal, and popularity. First up, the nun costume. You can go from conservative to outrageous with this one.

Because the look is so disruptive, you can actually cover up quite a bit and still have a costume that stands out. That’s one of the reasons we like it so much. The black and white contrast of the outfit is visually striking, and dressing as a nun is a strong cultural shock statement, especially if you use fabrics like leather, vinyl, or latex. If you don’t want to show a ton of skin, make an ankle length dress out of black 2-way stretch vinyl.

Stand out more by adding clear vinyl to your ankle length skirt. We recommend either a clear vinyl inlay of a cross at the chest, or clear vinyl stripes running down the sides or front of the dress.

If you want to go straight to Hell, then create a tight nun-inspired mini-dress or bodysuit that shows your curves. You can use our bodysuit sewing pattern and simply add some white trim to a black body and then wear a nuns’ habit, or you can use our scoop neck dress. Either way, you’ll be the one needing forgiveness at the end of the night!

For men, you can go the same route, especially if dressing as a couple. A long black vinyl trench coat, with clergy shirt and a bible are all you need to create your own divinity of evil. Not familiar with a clergy shirt? Just take a black button up shirt and add a white collar for your costume.

If offending religion is not your thing (we say that tongue in cheek so please don’t take offense), then ride the wave of pop culture and go with a sexy costume based on recent fictional characters that are trending. Examples include Toy Store characters Woody, Buzz Light Year, and the Aliens.

We’ve also seen some great Scooby Doo character outfits made from latex. Daphne and Velma’s costumes are not terribly difficult to craft, and when you make it from latex or 4-way stretch vinyl you create a look that packs a punch and draws the eye.

Again – if you are looking to make Halloween costumes as a couple then the man in your duo can dress as Fred with seventies style jeans and a white shirt with blue collar and orange bandana. Our sky blue stretch vinyl is perfect for some sexy man-pants or just go with flared denim jeans if you don’t want your vinyl covered butt at the center of attention.

Harley Quinn is back in the headlines after Margot Robbie made such an impact in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Executives have decided she have her own starring roll and Margot will be back in 2020 with a movie dedicated to Harley titled “Birds of Prey”. We couldn’t agree with them more and hope that the new movie will be a blockbuster success.

Since 2016 we have seen some amazing Harley Quinn Cosplay costumes. Latex and stretch vinyl are the perfect fabrics to create those duo-colored red and blue hot pants. Save yourself some time with our hot pants sewing pattern. FYI – metallic blue and our “wine” stretch vinyl are perfect color matches for Harley Quinn and if you use latex sheeting then we recommend our metallic red and metallic blue .30mm latex sheeting.

Take note that if you are new to using latex, the material is just like a rubber band – there is no fabric backing. This means that you glue the material to create your garments. Checkout our tutorials on how to work with latex. Also, be sure to get some latex shine. By default latex sheeting has a matte finish. To make it glossy you’ll need to rub or spray some shine onto latex.

Playboy bunnies have been popular ever since Hugh Hefner started Playboy magazine way back in 1953. Wow – who could imagine it’s been that long! We will forever miss Mr. Hefner who died in 2017, however, his legacy lives on. In recent years we’ve seen some great variations on the Playboy bunny costume, notably Ariana Grande’s shiny black vinyl bodysuit and big-eared mask.

If you have the technical chops, we recommend adding some boning to your bodysuit. While not necessary, adding boning to the mid-section of a vinyl bodysuit can elevate the design and also give a more flattering look. MJTrends has flat steel boning, spiral steel boning, and plastic boning depending on the level of stiffness that you desire.

Flat steel boning is the stiffest and you typically see it used in waist training corsets, spiral steel boning is less stiff and can be used in a variety of use cases, and plastic boning is the least stiff. We like using it to enforce a flat shape across the mid-section and also to prevent the material from showing any wrinkles.

If you want to take a more analytical approach to costume popularity, below is a list of most popular searches on Google from the first week of October of this year:

  • IT
  • Witch
  • Spider-Man
  • Dinosaur
  • Descendants
  • Clown
  • Fortnite
  • Chucky
  • 1980s
  • Unicorn

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning witches. Less shocking than a nun, but fun nonetheless (pun intended). You can go in a wide variety of directions with putting together a witch costume. Green face paint and a hat will help to conceal your identity if you want people guessing who you are.

If facing colder temperatures you can opt for long-sleeves and an ankle length dress. Despite covering up all your skin you can still add a layer of intrigue and sexiness by choosing faux leather, vinyl, or latex to make your costume. MJTrends also has black sheer fabric that you can add into your design to create visual interest.

If you’re goal is to be a bit more risque with your design, there are a plethora of style considerations to review. Corsets with short ruffle skirts, peasant tops that reveal cleavage, and using our semi-transparent latex in either natural or smoke are different ways to highlight your witchy assets.

We are sure that no matter what Halloween costume you decide to make it will be way better than anything you would buy off-the-rack. Remember, we are here to help and would love to hear your ideas and provide feedback or recommendations. Happy haunting this season!

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