Leather hides – checkout resolved

BY admin on December 31, 2019

If you were having trouble selecting a leather hide and checking out on our website over the last couple weeks, we apologize for the problems. We became aware of several problems recently including that the half-yard hide sizes couldn’t be displayed, and the shipping calculator failed to provide any results after a hide was added to the online cart.

All of these issues have been corrected, and you should be able to proceed without any problems. As an apology for those of you who experienced problems, we are offering a coupon for the next 30 days for 10% off any of our leather hides. The coupon expires on January 31st 2020:

Coupon Code: leather4me

We would love to get your feedback on the new leather, as we are broadening our product offerings and plan to offer more leather hides in the future. Are there specific colors, types, or thicknesses, or sizes (half hide, quarter hide, etc) that you would like us to carry? Email your suggestions to: mike@MJTrends.com.

As we start the new year we will also begin focusing on tutorials and more content for DIY’ers who are making their fashions and gear. Is there a specific tutorial that you would like to see? Currently the only content we have geared for our leather hides is the armbinder pattern and instructions. This would be great for Cosplay or for anyone who uses a bow and arrow.

Leather is a natural material that can hold up to the abuse of an archer. It also breathes well and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The pattern is custom to your measurements. Input your wrist size, palm size, and the desired length of the arm-binder and the pattern will be drawn to your specific arm size.

Additionally we hope to cover some tutorials on how to work with leather hides for making your own fashions like skirts, dresses, pants, and vests. Let us know if there is a garment that you would like to have a tutorial created.

Some ideas that we have been tossing around include how to make a simple A-line skirt from lambskin leather, creating a button up ankle length skirt from cow hide, and how to construct a men’s leather vest.

We can also focus more on construction techniques instead of end-to-end garment making. Those tutorial ideas would be how to setup your sewing machine for working with leather, how to correct common problems such as thread choice or dull needles, and how to attach buttons to leather.

Most of the content that we produce is based on customer feedback, so please let us know what you would find most helpful when it comes to working with leather hides. Even if you have never undertaken a project or bought your hide yet, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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