New latex colors

BY admin on December 23, 2019

We have stocked 3 new additional colors of latex sheeting including two that are double sided: black and purple, blue and red, and semi-trasnparent hot pink.

Previously we had unintentionally stocked semi-transparent hot pink due to the fact that there was not quite enough pigment added to the sheeting during the manufacturing process. We have resolved that issue and now we have both opaque hot pink and semi-transparent hot pink.

If you are new to purchasing latex sheeting, you should be aware that with thin latex even the opaque colors may have some slight transparency to them if the gauge is thin and the color is light (pastels, shades of white, etc).

The purple and black sheeting came to us as a customer recommendation with the desire to make 1960’s era batman costumes. The red and blue would also be perfect for batman cosplay outfits, or other clothing designs where you either want to create reversible garments, or have a little bit of contrasting color peak out from the backside of the clothing.

Examples where you can leverage double sided colors include collars, pockets, capes, and cuffs.

You’ll also note that we have done our best to take pictures of similar colors of latex when photographing new products. EG: if the sheeting is blue, we’ll photograph it with sky blue, metallic blue, semi-transparent blue, royal blue, etc.

We do our best to assist you with making color choices that will work for your project, however, please note that differences in lighting, screen monitors, and other issues can result in expectations that are not met and if color is critical to your application the best way to ensure satisfaction is to get a physical swatch available at:,Swatches,Swatches

Do you have recommendations or needs for other colors of latex material that we don’t currently have? Send us an email at:

We listen to you and the majority of our new products are chosen based on your emails and surveys. We also want to know what you would like in terms of patterns. Many of our sewing patterns are made as latex designs first. If you aren’t familiar with our patterns – they are custom fit to your body measurements as well as our fabrics.

During the pattern checkout process you’ll either select from pre-set sizes or input your own, then you select the type of fabric or material that you plan to use and the pattern is drawn based on your inputs.

If you’ve selected a pattern with negative ease (negative ease is when the design is made smaller than your measurements because it is designed to stretch), the pattern will have more negative ease for materials with greater stretch capabilities.

We created a sister website,, where we design all our custom-fit patterns and you are free to use the site and create your own or clone an existing pattern to modify.

We are also hard at work creating our third version of pattern making software that is simpler to use, however, it will probably be a year before we offer it to select beta-testers. Get in touch with us if you would be interested in participating as a tester:

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