Latex lace now available

BY admin on May 26, 2020

We have recently launched latex lace designs. What is latex lace? Using strips of our latex sheeting we cut lace designs into it. The cuts are accurate up to 1/4 of a millimeter. It’s very similar to stretch lace that you would buy from any other fabric retailer, however, it’s made from latex rubber and is meant to be glued to your latex designs.

You could add these to the top of a pair of stockings, use it as ribbing at the collar of a top, to adorn the edge of a sleeve, or glue it on top of our semi-transparent latex sheeting to create one-of-a-kind couture fashions.

We have lace heights ranging from 3/4 an inch to 2.5 inches and we plan to release new designs monthly. Feel free to email us your design ideas if you have something specific you would like. If we can produce it we will.

The thicknesses of latex available for latex lace are .20mm, .30mm, and .50mm. You can select the gauge and color when checking out. We’ve priced the lace so that 3 yards is the optimal amount to buy with a significant discount from the cost of a single yard.

The reason the price is discounted to encourage a minimum of 3 yards is due to the amount of labor setting up the cuts. It’s fairly labor intensive to set everything up to perform a single cut, but once it’s setup the level of effort to continue cutting is much lower. Plus, we assume that 2-3 yards will be the ideal amount for projects.

You can check out our current latex lace here:,rubber-sheeting

FYI – we are here to help you. We want to know your ideas and needs. Please let us know your feedback by emailing

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