To our community

BY admin on June 8, 2020

We condemn racism, police violence, brutality, bigotry and hate. We stand with peaceful protestors and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

While we are a small company, we can do more than just making a statement, and we proactively commit to the following actions:

  • Currently 75% of our staff have a diverse background and we will continue to hire and retain talent from a broad background of diverse people.
  • We will seek to highlight and promote diverse businesses and individuals by seeking out those businesses and individuals and sharing their work on our blog.
  • Support the movement to end racism and violence by promoting those messages and movements across the social media platforms where we have a presence including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • As individuals we will support positive change with our votes and participation in our local and national elections.

It is times like these that can bring meaningful change. As the richest nation in the world we can do better. It is our collective response that will drive that change.

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