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Pointers on making glued latex sheathes

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any pointers or experience / best practices for making sheathes out of latex sheeting? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cgates1979, January 20th 2024 3:17:37 pm

I'm sorry, I did t notice you had responded. I was talking about male and female sheathes for latex garments....

Cgates1979, January 20th 2024 3:16:18 pm

I'm sorry, I didn't see you replied. I was wondering about sheathes in latex garments. Either male or female. 



Paint/ink on latex

Hi,I am trying to apply paint or ink on latex sheeting. I can’t seem to get it on there without it either coming off, washing off, or smudging. Any ideas?

peteboundy, March 15th 2023 12:47:11 am

There are inks made specifically for printing on balloons. Balloons are latex... Try googling for that.

mlurk, February 23rd 2023 7:33:13 pm

You can try liquid latex to apply your design to your garment, but eventually it will come off. The other thing...



Liquid latex not sticking to painted fabric

Good morning. I desperately need help. I have made several costumes applying liquid latex on fabric. Last night I made a mistake and painted the fabric I am adhering the latex pieces to prior to applying the latex. Not the latex...

mlurk, February 23rd 2023 7:40:18 pm

Here is one method you could try. Using a fine grit sandpaper sand the acrylic paint and try again. The same...



Latex sticking to other pieces of latex

I have a full latex nun habit and it sticks to my latex  top/catsuit - how to add something underneath the habit so it doesn’t stick to my latex top/catsuit. I’m thinking of adding satin under it but how would...

taricol45, December 8th 2022 10:02:54 am

Useful information

Chloe, September 30th 2022 4:54:41 pm

You can bind latex to non latex fabrics by first impregnating the non-latex fabric with either liquid rubber or...