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vinyl fabric backing

I wanted to know what the different types of backing come on vinyl fabric. So far I have seen the flocking on table cloth like vinyl, and then the typical mesh like backing seen on vinyl clothing.

guest, August 11th 2004 2:27:47 pm

What you are looking for is called patent vinyl. Unlike pvc fabric, it is a little bit thicker and has not...

guest, August 20th 2004 2:17:27 pm

I know of 3 types of vinyl fabric backing: the white flocking you mentioned on the table-clothe vinyl, polyester...



Thickness of Matte Vinyl

I need to make gloves and alter boots with the black matte vinyl, but I need to know how thick it is before I go trying to make gloves out of it. I don\'t have time to order a swatch due to time constraints. Do you think I\'d...

Joe, March 20th 2010 4:16:10 pm

I've been making gloves and boots for many years now from a variety of materials, and for gloves the best is a...



Motorcycle seat

Hi there, I\'m looking for a faux snakeskin to cover my motorcycle seat so it needs to be upholstery grade. I'd be grateful for any ideas. Thanks

Michael, February 15th 2010 10:08:10 am

I would recommend that you checkout the snakeskin section: https://mjtrends.com/categories-Snakeskin,Fabric You...



peeling PVC?

I\'m looking to make a catsuit for a costume, and I was considering 4 way stretch pvc, because I want it to be fairly shiny but mostly I want it to fit tightly. Someone told me that PVC peels in high friction areas :( I will be...

Bunnie, June 17th 2010 4:19:24 pm

In my experience 2 way stretch is far more likely to peel than 4-way. I\'ve made a catsuit out of 4 way stretch...

Michael, May 3rd 2010 9:53:08 am

4-way stretch pvc is a great choice for a catsuit.  You should not have any trouble with peeling in friction...



Adding colors of 4-way stretch

I was excited to see the email about you adding new colors of 4-way pvc! Any chance that purple will be added at some point?