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High Gloss Vest

I have been searching around for good leather supply stores and this store seems to fit my needs the best, thus far. I want to make a really shiny black (mens)vest but I am not to smart with materials. I want the vest to be...

Michael, June 22nd 2012 8:11:53 pm

Based on your description I would go with patent vinyl.  It\'s got a very high gloss shine and it\'s more...



baby powder stretchy mini skirt

What do you think the following garment was made of? I purchased it in 1986 in Canada at a retail store. It was expensive for the time, I think $50 for a mid-thigh length very simply constructed tight mini skirt the only seam of...

Michael, December 28th 2011 7:47:23 pm

I've never seen a vinyl garment with melted seams or baby powder used to keep it from sticking together....

hermes, December 22nd 2011 8:37:06 pm

I thought it must have been latex but the sales clerk assured me it was PVC. Yet it was not sewn, it was melted...



Painting Clear PVC/Vinyl

I want to paint the clear PVC/Vinyl on this site yellow for a garment I'm making, though the catch it it still needs to be transparent. I scoured the internet and have yet to find clear yellow vinyl/pvc. Is there any way I can do...

Paige Rechtman, May 23rd 2011 11:51:37 am

I have a feeling we are all making Born This Way Gaga outfits!! Will I see you all at GMA this Friday?!

superstarhollyann, March 13th 2011 12:25:32 am

@Nicole OMG I have the same problem!!! I also need yellow, may I ask what yours is for?



PVC Snakeskin Vinyl for swimwear

Can the snakeskin PVC vinyl #328 be used for trim on swimwear?

Michael, February 6th 2010 9:17:38 pm

Yes, you could use the black and bronze faux snakeskin for swimwear trim.  It is fine in water although I...



Stretch vinyl

What is the percentage of stretch for 2-way PVC? Like when you take a 5 in. piece of cloth and stretch it, what is its new length? Thanks!

Robert, January 15th 2010 3:48:28 am

2 Way stretch PVC is around 15% stretch, the Snakeskin 2 Way Strech PVC  does state this detail.  

envirion, December 23rd 2009 7:57:42 am

I would like to know as well... ^^