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Please help me find!

Does anyone know where I can get mirror or chrome PVC vinyl?

Chloe, August 8th 2016 11:05:03 am

MJTrends has metallic silver pvc: https://mjtrends.com/products.Silver,PVC,FabricI've never seen chrome /...



Patent Vinyl Purse

Hello MJT!!Just wanted to share one of my latest projects. Black Patent Vinyl Purse. Dimensions are 6"L x 7"H x 2"W. It has a magnetic snap front closure. The strap is 48" but hangs right about at the hip. I used MJTrends Black...

AllureBound , September 1st 2016 12:32:40 pm

Hot, i love it! Very well made.

shinyskintight, July 23rd 2016 8:17:44 pm



Painting Vinyl?

Hello forum!To all of you who have experience with vinyl fabric (especially 4 way stretch vinyl), could you tell me if I can paint on vinyl and if so, which paint should I use and which tecnique?I want to use silver vinyl for the...

Fate77, June 28th 2016 4:55:44 am

@Addison  Good advice.  I think painting vinyl is very difficult.vinyl lingerie

Addison, June 16th 2016 9:52:48 am

You have a few options when it comes to painting vinyl with the design you referenced:1). You could use a spray...



That new green/black stretch snakeskin -- perfect timing!

MJ Trends had perfect timing announcing their new green/black stretch snakeskin fabric -- I've been working on the upper half of Aquaman for several months, and had just started thinking about his legs.  Snakeskin is close...

AllureBound , July 7th 2016 8:22:46 am

Epic! So much detail, I love it! Stay awesome <3

JP, May 18th 2016 10:19:54 pm

They're veg-tan leather, dyed orange, then glazed with copper acrylic, stitched together with heavy thread.



What should I do?

I'm planning on doing a cosplay of Hit Girl and at first I thought latex would be the obvious answer to use as a fabric, but people kept telling me that Strech PVC would be better. I want to go and buy the perfect fabric for the...

JP, January 20th 2016 10:59:31 pm

Which look do you prefer?  Either material will work for her costume, so it's really a question of what you...

shinyskintight, January 19th 2016 11:44:54 pm

Hello!Well, one thing that could really make the outfit pop would be making it from latex. But if you're not...