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Vinyl adhesive?

So I want to make a Super Kinzie cosplay from Saints Row 4, (link to pic: http://assets1.ignimgs.com/vid/thumbnails/user/2013/08/19/SR4_Kinzie_L.jpg) and while I can sew on the pink stripes, the pink fleur-de-lis on the sides of...

coocj, February 24th 2017 2:30:12 am

@Chloe, That's good idea to use vinyl.vinyl lingerie

Chloe, January 16th 2017 12:00:50 pm

The vinyl adhesive will only glue the shiny side to shiny side of the material, so it probably won't work for what...



chair cushions with patent vinyl

I was gifted a set of retro kitchen chairs and table (actually new to look old) and am about to undertake recovering the cushions. Previous owner had cats... enough said.I thought of using the red patent vinyl. I only have an old...



Please help me find!

Does anyone know where I can get mirror or chrome PVC vinyl?

Chloe, August 8th 2016 11:05:03 am

MJTrends has metallic silver pvc: https://mjtrends.com/products.Silver,PVC,FabricI've never seen chrome /...



Patent Vinyl Purse

Hello MJT!!Just wanted to share one of my latest projects. Black Patent Vinyl Purse. Dimensions are 6"L x 7"H x 2"W. It has a magnetic snap front closure. The strap is 48" but hangs right about at the hip. I used MJTrends Black...

AllureBound , September 1st 2016 12:32:40 pm

Hot, i love it! Very well made.

shinyskintight, July 23rd 2016 8:17:44 pm



Painting Vinyl?

Hello forum!To all of you who have experience with vinyl fabric (especially 4 way stretch vinyl), could you tell me if I can paint on vinyl and if so, which paint should I use and which tecnique?I want to use silver vinyl for the...

Fate77, June 28th 2016 4:55:44 am

@Addison  Good advice.  I think painting vinyl is very difficult.vinyl lingerie

Addison, June 16th 2016 9:52:48 am

You have a few options when it comes to painting vinyl with the design you referenced:1). You could use a spray...