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Vinyl Adhesive!

I'm really excited you guys have started carrying PVC adhesive.

Three things, one, can you confirm that this doesn\'t contain any natural latex/rubber? (i\'m seriously allergic)

And two, does this work and stretch with the fabric? I've used some sort of 'vinyl/leather mender' that does adhere, but doesn\'t stretch well and feels almost crunchy. Also \'Instant Vinyl\' which I\'ve used on trims and that sort of thing, it is stretchy and flexible but is a very very tiny tube for the price.

And, finally, when it says it's meant to use on the shiny side does that mean you can attatch the shiny side to the fabric side? Or you must attach the shiny side to another shiny side (which, obviously, would work well for actual seams but  not work for trims/decals and what I'd primarily use it for).

 I'm hoping this product can be everything I want it to be! :) 


Response by: Michael, January 3rd 2012 10:22:01 pm

The vinyl adhesive has no latex in it.  It will flex with the material and does not make a \'crunchy\' bond that you would get with super glue or other off the shelf adhesive.

It is meant for use on the shiny sides of the fabric - that is the vinyl side.  If you are gluing the backside of the fabric you can use any fabric glue sold at big box stores like Wal-Mart or JoAnnes.

Response by: Bunnie, January 7th 2012 12:26:18 am

Thank you for answering. I actually meant glue the front (pvc) to the back of another peice of PVC (the fabric side), like, glue a trim or decal, (fabric back) to the front of the PVC. For example: If I wanted to make a red pvc top with white pvc stars glued to it, would that work? Because one side is the shiny side and since pvc has fabric backing as well, one would have to be against the fabric side (back) of the star.

Response by: David, January 18th 2012 1:48:34 pm

From How Stuff Works website

"Vinyl adhesive: Vinyl adhesives, sold in tubes, form a strong, waterproof bond on vinyl and on many plastics, but don\'t use them on plastic foam. Clamping is usually not required. Vinyl adhesive dries flexible and clear; curing time is 10 to 20 minutes."

Also check out this link:


Refer to the surface prep, application, and bonding range sections. The rest I don\'t believe would apply to pvc fabric.

Essentially the glue is melting the two layers of pvc together. So if you were to try bond pvc to fabric, it may stick, but not with much strength.