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4 way stretch fabric

I was just wondering are all your fabrics here 4 way stretch? I was looking at some of your fabric but need everything to be 4 way stretch.


Response by: Ry, October 26th 2010 6:17:13 am

The following fabrics are 4-way stretch:

latex sheeting


stretch pvc

, spandex, and stretch velvet.  Everything else is 2-way stretch or no stretch.  The product description explains this for each product or if you have specific questions email: sales@MJTrends.com.

Response by: Tonka, February 4th 2012 11:41:01 am

I see that you carry black 4-way stretch PVC, but it seems to still be out of stock.  Do you still carry this product?

Response by: Michael, February 4th 2012 8:09:47 pm

The 4-way stretch vinyl is in stock.  You can view the amount in stock on the product page.