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Painting 4-way stretch vinyl

Is it possible to paint the 4-way stretch vinyl?  I\'d like to add some custom lettering on an outfit I\'m making and trying to figure out the easiest way to do it.

I didn\'t want to sew and applique because of the time involved in doing letters.  Would using spray paint work?  Will the paint dry and crack when the garment is stretched?  Any ideas?


Response by: Lillie, August 27th 2010 4:13:33 pm

I've actually tried using vinyl paint on top of it and, in my experience, it cracks and gets ugly very quickly. The best luck I had with "painting" was just stenciling in with a permanent marker.

Also if it\'s the sewing that you don\'t want to do \'instant vinyl\' (which is used to repair rips and damages) works really well if you want to glue things to your vinyl, I\'ve added trims and appliques that way, if you had the time to just cut out each letter in a different color vinyl you could apply them by just painting the instant vinyl on the back and sticking it on - which would probably save time compared to sewing.