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peeling PVC?

I\'m looking to make a catsuit for a costume, and I was considering 4 way stretch pvc, because I want it to be fairly shiny but mostly I want it to fit tightly.

Someone told me that PVC peels in high friction areas :(

I will be wearing this costume for one day, but I\'d like to wear it again for other events... is there any way to treat the fabric so that this won\'t happen? Or should I be looking at other options?

I don\'t like the idea of metallic spandex, because I want more of a "Michelle Pfeiffer\'s Catwoman" kind of look and I think that the spandex just falls short.


Response by: Michael, May 3rd 2010 9:53:08 am

4-way stretch pvc is a great choice for a catsuit.  You should not have any trouble with peeling in friction areas. 

To ensure you get a long life out of your fabric hand wash your catsuit - do not place in the dryer and do not iron. 

Response by: Bunnie, June 17th 2010 4:19:24 pm

In my experience 2 way stretch is far more likely to peel than 4-way.

I\'ve made a catsuit out of 4 way stretch a few years ago and it\'s holding up perfectly. However, I have pants made of 2 way stretch and it seems (to me, at least) that it starts peeling when it\'s stretched more than it\'s meant to, meaning four way stretch is meant to stretch more and as such is less likely to peel.