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What is latex sheeting?

I was wondering what the difference between latex sheeting and pvc fabric were? They seem like the same thing - can someone please explain what the differences are between them?


Response by: guest, May 10th 2004 11:12:33 am

Latex sheeting is real rubber that is originally gathered as a sappy liquid from special trees. That liquid is then processed into thin sheets. It can be colored during the process or left in its natural color, which is a transparent amber.

PVC fabric is actually a polyester fabric with a stretchy plastic coating sprayed onto it. PVC is typically sewn, while latex sheeting is usually glued.

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 1:39:32 pm

Yeah Latex It Real Rubber From A Tree, While Pvc Is As Guest SaidA Stretchy Plastic Sprayed Onto Fabric.