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Latex Clothing

Is your skin able to breathe properly in latex clothing? I'm afraid to wear it for too long!


Response by: guest, May 14th 2004 6:46:22 pm

Most people do not wear latex for more than a days outing; however it is safe to wear latex as long as you desire.

Latex does allow the skin to "breathe", therefore it can be worn without the fear of damage to your skin.

Response by: guest, May 14th 2004 6:47:19 pm

What about latex allergy- I have heard that people can have a really bad reaction to latex sheeting if they touch it and have latex allergy?

Response by: guest, May 14th 2004 6:49:16 pm

You can test if you are allergic to latex sheeting by touching it to your skin and then waiting a few hours to see if you develop any kind of rash or irritation. There are lots of newsgroups on the web dedicated to latex allergy- do a search on google and you will find tons of info.

I beleive it only affects a very small minority of the population, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 1:36:10 pm

No, But It Shouldn't Be A Problem Unless You're Allergic To Latex.