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Hot weld latex sheeting

I was wondering if anybody out there had any experience hot welding latex or rubber sheeting? I assume that if this could be done correctly it would be much stronger than a bond done with an adhesive.

Also, please let me know of where I can purchase any such equipment for heat welding latex sheeting.


Response by: guest, August 5th 2004 1:37:22 pm

I have been experimenting with hot welding latex and I haven't had any success. For the last month I have used different methods, but what I have found is that the heat will degrade the quality of the latex.

I was able to get the latex to the right temperature so that it would melt the latex enough to stick to itself, and then I would put the two pieces under pressure for 24 hours and let it cure.

What I found was that it would stick to itself, but the area that received the heat became very weak and would rip very easily. So until anyone provides me with greater research, I will be using the adhesive.

Response by: Christopher, November 2nd 2012 1:30:48 pm

Do you recomend a specific adhesive for latex to latex...?

Response by: Michael, November 2nd 2012 3:15:10 pm

MJTrends has 2 types of glue for latex to latex adhesion:



Were you looking for something different? 

Response by: LikeLoisLaine, July 7th 2014 12:19:55 pm

Any amount of heat will compromise the integrity of the latex. Adhering latex with the solvent based/ammonia based adhesive is best. Cheers 

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 1:46:04 pm

Yeah I'd Just Glue Latex Together, Instead Of Trying To "Hot Weld" it.

Response by: AmbrosiaM, March 24th 2022 8:28:44 pm

My experiments all failed miserable (with latex bonding). I'm trying to learn the right ways now. It's difficult because there are so many variations of the type of latex, the type of use and lots of chemistry variations and similarities. I'm looking for a simple effective "adhesive" mostly for patches and repairs at this point. (I thought I'd dive into bold projects but it looks like I'll have to take baby steps. I found these right before I saw your post.

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