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vinyl fabric backing

I wanted to know what the different types of backing come on vinyl fabric. So far I have seen the flocking on table cloth like vinyl, and then the typical mesh like backing seen on vinyl clothing.


Response by: guest, August 11th 2004 2:27:47 pm

What you are looking for is called patent vinyl. Unlike pvc fabric, it is a little bit thicker and has not stretch. It can be bought in various thicknesses, but for your uses you would probably want a light to medium weight. I wish I could tell you where you can find it, currently MJTrends does not have it stocked. I would try some google searches for patent vinyl and see what you can come up with.

Response by: guest, August 20th 2004 2:17:27 pm

I know of 3 types of vinyl fabric backing: the white flocking you mentioned on the table-clothe vinyl, polyester backing that you get on 2-way stretch vinyl, and lycra backing that you have on 4-way stretch vinyl.