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Sewing pvc

I'm new to sewing pvc fabric, and I'm having some trouble hemming the skirts that I've made. I keep getting like a ripple in the hem. Like the fabric is twisting or something.

Can someone recommend to me a method to keep this from happening and get flat hems???


Response by: guest, August 11th 2004 2:36:00 pm

Hi Trish, your problem is that fabric under the presser is being stretched as your sewing the hem. The stretch is then causing the fabric in the hem to buckle and it results in that rippled look you are talking about.

I would recommend that you use a teflon coated presser foot if you aren't already. If you get "sticky" vinyl, even the teflon presser foot is not enough. You need to either place a silicone lubricant for the presser foot to glide over, or some kind of intermediary to place between the presser foot and the fabric to keep the foot gliding smoothly over the fabric- so it doesn't pull or stretch that top layer of fabric in your hem.

Response by: guest, August 27th 2004 3:54:41 pm

Trish, I had the same problem when first learning how to sew with pvc fabric. I bought a silicone lubricant at a hardware store that I used to treat the fabric, and got brilliant results right away. If you can't find anything let me know and I'll try to find the product name I got for you.

Response by: guest, January 3rd 2005 3:26:55 pm

The Best method I found for hemming or even sewing with PVS is to use tissue paper as an intermeadiary as someone has mentioned. This way, you don't need to treat the fabric, nor do you have to go and buy a teflon foot, which won't always work. So what I do is place the tissue paper anywhere the PVC would touch the sewing machine (ie: between the presser foot and the PVC, as well as between the feed dogs and the PVC). This not only allows you to easily topstitch on the PVC, but makes it easier for going through the machine. Afterword, since the tissue is perferated by the needle, just tear it out, and voila; a nicely finished garment ^^

Response by: guest, October 26th 2005 4:59:47 pm

I also use paper/tissue - it is excellent! I get other sewers shaking their heads but if it works!! I like the sound also of the spray stuff, Ive used it when working for someone else but that was ages ago and I cant remember what it was called.