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Patterns for latex sheeting

I'm looking for patterns to use with latex sheeting, specifically something for making seamed stockings and mens sleeveless shirts.

Does anyone have a recomendation?


Response by: guest, November 12th 2004 2:55:20 pm

Your best bet is to use patterns that you can find at any fabric store or Wal-Mart. Make sure that you find a pattern that is made for use with 4-way stretch fabrics.

Also you may want to create your garmet in some cheaper fabric first, see if it fits appropriately, and then make it in latex. That way you don't end up wasting expensive latex sheeting on an incorrectly fitting pattern.

Response by: guest, November 12th 2004 2:56:12 pm

Thanks for the info. Any ideas on where to find a pattern for creating latex stockings?

Response by: guest, March 17th 2005 2:12:30 pm

My suggestion would be to make your own pattern. Since latex has similar stretch to a knit fabric, just take a pair of tall athletic socks that have a foot shape (as opposed to a tube), cut through the backside or wherever you want your seam from the knee to the toe, then lay that out, trace it onto some paper and you've got a pattern. You may have to make a cut across the toe to truly flatten it out, but you'll want a minimum of seams. My second thought is to run the seams up the side, i.e., two seams, so that you don't have a thick seam under your foot... could be very annoying. All that said, I hope this is the garment your referring to...