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How to wash latex

I have a really expensive latex catsuit that I am trying to care for- wanted to know what the best way to keep it clean. Thanks!


Response by: guest, December 20th 2004 3:46:55 pm

The safest way to keep your latex clean is to shower it off with warm water and then let it hang dry. You can also use a mild soap with it if it is really dirty and you feel it needs it.

I usually just take my latex garmets in the shower with me and rinse them, then hang them on the shower rod after I'm done. The only real caveat is don't put them in the washer, and definite NOT in the dryer.

Response by: corwin, July 19th 2008 11:18:31 pm

when you clean latex, use water and a mild soap.  After it dries, apply some spray or liquid silicone to it.  The sweat and water will dry up the silicone and make the latex weak and it make break/tear.  You need to "re-silicone" it to keep it from drying up.  Its best not to hand latex ie on a metal hanger but lay it down.  Do not let latex sit in sunlight for long times, hrs and days.  it will discolor.