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Roller to adhere glue to latex

Hi all! I was wondering what type of rolling pin can I use to adhere the adhesive glue to latex sheeting? What is the best to use, a metal or rubber roller? What other types are there? Maybe at HOME DEPOT or some type of hard wear store? Thanks!


Response by: guest, January 11th 2005 4:45:56 pm

I use a roller that I picked up at home depot. I bought the most heavy duty one I could find (approx $10). The roller is about 1-2 inches wide, has fairly thick plastic handles, a wooden roller, and a metal bar that holds the roller in place.

In the past I have used ones that broke because of the amount of pressure I was placing on them. I don't think it matters so much as to whether it is wood/plastic/metal just make sure that it will stand up to you putting most of your body weight on it when rolling out a latex sheeting seam.

Response by: guest, January 11th 2005 4:52:35 pm

I don't know that I would recommend a metal roller. Be careful to make sure that there aren't any sharp edges on the roller that could scratch or even tear your latex as you pressing out the seams.

I would agree that you should look to find the most heavy duty one you can find, as you should put as much pressure as you are comfortable with when pressing together a seam. This will help to ensure that it bonds well, and it can also help in forcing out and preventing any air bubbles.

Response by: guest, February 1st 2006 7:52:21 am

I use a roller that you use on seams when installing wall paper, it is about 2" wide and have been using it about 20 years. Bill

Response by: guest, December 21st 2007 9:22:15 am

I have heard of people using a flat-headed rubber mallet to "pound" a fresh glue joint when making LEATHER items. I was wondering if this might also work well when gluing latex -- maybe not so much as an alternative to rolling as a supplement to it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

Response by: ramsey III, March 25th 2009 4:55:42 pm

if you are looking for a roller to be used to roll seams after gluing you can use a j-roller this can be purchased through a seller of high pressure laminate (formica)

Response by: Forrest, October 8th 2013 2:31:13 pm

Thank you guest for that info on where to get a roller. I like the idea that The Home Depot has a roller for that price. I am going to get one today.

Response by: fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:40:06 am

I just use a piece of PVC cut small, and always have. It works fine for me!