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Latex vacbed

I am in the process of constructing a vac-bed. It consists of a frame of PVC pipe with holes drilled in it. A material, usually latex is applied around the frame. Its like vacuum packing a person with the exception that they can breathe of course.

I'd like peoples recommendation of which of the materials (latex sheeting, pvc fabric, vinyl fabric) would work the best for something like this. The material forms around the person's body, arms, legs, etc so they can't move. Normally a vacuum cleaner is used to create the vacuum.

Is one material better suited for this? They both have to have some degree of elacticity and durability. Can you explain the differences in the fabrics and which if any you would recommend and if either of them would work?


Response by: guest, March 21st 2005 8:53:38 am

Vacbeds are made exclusively of latex due to the fact that latex can be glued and vinyl/pvc fabric cannot. This helps to ensure an airtight seal. Further, latex sheeting has a much higher degree of stretch than the 2-way stretch pvc. The 4-way stretch pvc is not airtight, thus even though it has a similar degree of stretch as latex, it would not be appropriate for use in a vacbed.

PVC fabric is probably more durable than latex, but once again, because you cannot glue it, I'm not sure it would be suitable to create an airtight seal.

Last, you should take into condiseration that a lot of people who use vacbeds enjoy the feeling of latex against their skin, and there is simply no other fabric or material that simulates this.