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Bonding latex to non-latex

Is it possible to bond latex to fabric? Plastic? Steel? Thanks, Vern


Response by: guest, October 14th 2005 5:39:08 pm

If the correct adhesive is used, technically latex can be adhered to anything. The adhesive sold by MJTrends will not bond latex to not-latex items.

Response by: guest, June 23rd 2006 4:42:39 pm

So if the adhesive that MJTrends carries doesn't work on the non-latex items asked about, do you have any recommendations for adhesives that will? I'm curious too. Thanks!

Response by: guest, February 23rd 2007 5:39:55 pm

If you don't care about the flexiblity or "feel" of the glue - you can use superglue to bond latex to just about anything. You might have to use a decent amount of it, but it will create an airtight, totally impenetrable seam - note that it will be completely rigid and not able to flex.

Response by: guest, August 5th 2006 6:59:45 pm

Where would you find the correct adhesive to bond the latex to a fabric?

Response by: Enelya, September 6th 2008 4:54:44 pm

This is something we\'ve been experimenting with ourselves, so far the best I\'ve found for seams that weren\'t stiff was amonia based latex glue.  We\'ve tested a little bit to see if it would stay and we haven\'t had problems yet, but we haven\'t tried on long term or extreme stretching yet.

Response by: envirion, December 23rd 2009 8:34:46 am

What would you use if you are bonding the plasticy side of PVC to latex? (Using latex cutouts as "appliques" on PVC.)

Response by: fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:39:12 am

Just go to the craft store and get some rubber cement and rubber cement thinner!

To bond things, I just brush straight rubber cement to the seam of the non latex fabric. Use 1 part rubber cement and 1 part thinner for the latex. :)

It may take a couple layers on the non latex fabric to get it "rubbery" enough to stick! Make sure it dries completely!