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Latex Swatches

Hi, I want to buy one of the Latex Swatches from your company, but before I do that could you please tell me what does the Latex Swatch contain? Does it have different latex thicknesses, or does it have only one, fixed thickness for the whole set? How many latex pieces are there in total, and what is their size? Thank you.


Response by: guest, December 2nd 2005 5:36:43 pm

You can specify any particular thicknesses or colors that would like to recieve (5 swatches per swatch item) on the latex swatch ordering page. Please contact us at sales@mjtrends.com if you need additional help.

Response by: guest, January 19th 2007 6:57:59 pm

When I ordered them I got to pick which ones I wanted to see and I think there was a choice of 5. I also picked the thicknesses so I got a .2mm silver swatch and a .3mm blue etc. They were just about an inch and a half square hand cut. I also got swatches from another company in the UK and they provided a whole bunch of professionally cut pieces and all the different thicknesses in black, but it took much longer to arrive in North America and was more expensive.

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 11:16:15 am

It is better to buy the swatches. You can request the colour and thickness. I ordered latex from the pictures. The colour was okay but when I started out I had no idea about the thickness.

Get a swatch page with five of the colours you like but in different thicknesses. You will be suppries to learn how different the feel and stiffeness is between 0.2mm, 0.3mm to 0.7mm.

Also helps you to get the right thickness to start with.